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Fuck Yeah Junho: "The Way to You" lyrics 



Performed by Junho, featuring Taecyeon

Translated by bbiyak25 @ W2D


영원히 너를 사랑해 너의 곁으로 가는 길 아무 말 못해도
힘이 되어줄께 내가 지켜줄께 난 널 사랑해
지치고 많이 힘들 땐 언제라도 내게 기대도 되 영원히 내겐 너뿐인걸
난 언제나 너의 곁에 Forever with you

사랑해. 너에게로 가는 길.
고마워. All that I so wanna give you

I love you 한 줄 두…

  • Random K-pop anti: I can't understand why you like Korean men, I mean, they're all short!
  • Yunho: Excuse me
  • Changmin: Excuse me
  • Chanyeol: Excuse me
  • Minho: Excuse me
  • CNU: Excuse me
  • Jo Twins: Excuse me
  • Jungshin: Excuse me
  • Zelo: Excuse me
  • Taecyeon: Excuse me
  • Hyungshik: Excuse me
  • Random K-pop anti: But... But they all have small dicks!
  • Onew: Excuse me
  • Leeteuk: Excuse me
  • Youngjae: Excuse me
  • Kyung: Excuse me
  • Seungri: Excuse me
  • Sehun: Excuse me

My reaction when someone says something bad about my bias: 



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